Be healthy with a clean water

Nowadays the ecology and the respect of the environment seem to be at the heart of every preoccupation: people are starting to realize that the resources of the planet are not inexhaustible, and that we have to preserve them at any cost by stopping overexploiting them. It is especially the case of the water, which remains a rare commodity that so many people all around the world still cannot afford. However, the water still is one of the most wasted natural resources: indeed, only the two percent of the used water worldwide is currently recycled to be reused, which is totally derisory compared to the excessive human consumption done.

Ecology in UK

As a precursor of the industrial revolution, the United Kingdom played a very important role in thé industrialization of the Europe: so it quickly became and remained for a long time one of the biggest polluters of the planet. By the way, London has been for many years engulfed by smog. But from now on things have changed: the successive governments seem to become aware of the negative impact of the outrageous consumption, and work more and more towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of consumption. Regarding the treatment of the wastewater, numerous water treatment plants are born and they are in charge of recycling the used water to make it suitable for consumption again.

Clean water for a good health

Once treated, the used water is perfectly able to be reused for the daily consumption: indeed it is the subject of a very specific and strict treatment, to purify it totally. Firstly it is filtered through a big sieve to remove the biggest impurities. Then it is degritted and degreased, and it is the subject of a first treatment with chlorine to eliminate the germs. After the water is aerated to bring oxygen to it and ease the sedimentation. Then it is sent in a big sedimentation tank to allow the suspended particles to fall at the bottom. After that, the water is treated again with chlorine and ozone to purify it completely.

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